Italian Tan 3" Guitar Strap


  • Leather guitar strap handmade in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Adjustable from 39 inches to 52 inches
  • 3 inches wide for comfortable weight distribution
  • Tan Chromexcel is a chromium-tanned leather from the legendary Horween tannery in Chicago

This leather guitar strap is inspired by the wide vintage straps that were sold in guitar stores in the 1970s: straps that you could buy as an upgrade from the standard-issue accessories that came in the box with a new guitar at the time. Tone Party guitar straps are designed to pay homage to the timeless design of vintage straps, and to combine those iconic silhouettes with the very best of full-grain leathers.

Take this Tan Chomexcel guitar strap as an example: This leather is made by Horween, one of the oldest leather tanneries in the U.S. Chomexcel has a cult following because of its soft feel, waterproof finish, and beautiful pull-up (the characteristic of the leather that makes it lighten in areas of wear and stress). 

Just like your favorite guitar, Tone Party guitar straps get better with age. They'll show wear and use. And just like the greatest guitars, they show how you use them: If you use them well, the finish will change, the color will deepen, and the leather will soften to make this the most functional and beautiful guitar strap you've ever had.