Tone Party is a labor of love from a professional guitar hoarder. I solemnly swear to use all profits from these handmade leather guitar straps to buy more vintage guitars, amps, and pedals. I will take you along for the journey and share behind-the-scenes images and stories from the collection.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"These straps are for people who really play guitar. Players often misunderstand the tonal relationship between their guitar hardware and their guitar accessories. Upgraded pickups, torrified tonewoods, handwound strings, etc. are all a moot point if you are using anything but a Tone Party strap."
— Dylan Keel, Professional Luthier
Customer reviews
"Easily my favorite strap! The leather looks and feels amazing. The best thing about it is that it’s true bypass."
— Kyle Chappell, Squier Daddy

Guitar Stories

The '54 Les Paul Journey

By lurking on an obscure auction site, I accidentally bought an all-gold 1954 Gibson Les Paul Standard – and had to drive from Georgia to Indiana to pick it up.

When in Rome

This is a story about what happens when you ask someone selling an old guitar or amp, "Do you happen to have any more old instruments?" 

A One-Owner '55 Junior

Earlier this summer, I got a message from my luthier, Dylan Keel, who thought I might be interested in buying an early '55 Les Paul Junior. (He was correct.)